May 17, 2012

Why I write

7 mga kritiko

Writing under candle light is a delightful experience under a warm glow, illuminating breath in the cold rainy night, the only warmth being the barely detectable heat from the flickering flame, with only the finger less woolly gloves providing some comfort and protection against the crippling cold that wages war on my hand as I attempt to write legibly. I write out of love. Writing should never be something that doesn't harvest an inner well-being, a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of achievement. Writing is art; it creates images and explores the inner depths of our imagination. Words and sentences should flow and merge together like cogs on a wheel, interconnecting without hesitation, a thought within a unit of thought, flowing prosaically like poetry in motion.

Today, writing has become passe  This once noble profession has, in times, been ridiculed, especially by the younger generation, most of whom preferring interest of a cyber-nature, with text speak, mixed with other colloquial slang, the preferred choice of communication. Computers have had such a detrimental effect on the writing profession, diverting many a potential great writer from his own literary destination. Writing is also a deeply personal thing, because human intellect is expelled vastly, where as computers do most, if not all, the thinking. You could argue, however, that man’s intelligence brought computers into existence. But this is not a true reflection of humanity, and is based on a small microcosm of the human race. For years to come computers will have a detrimental effect on human brain development, because of the brain- drain effect. If humans depend on computers to think and even carry out chores, then, the only outcome is a human couch potato with a limited supply of brain cells.