Feb 22, 2012


4 mga kritiko
I want to break free of all expectations
I yearn to be me
jump to the sky
ride with the clouds
into endless blue
I will change the world
Surprise you all
Write a song that’s never been heard
Climb a height that’s never been seen
Take a chance on something
Something, someone
Thats never been given one
Fly with the wind
Melt away
Regret’s echoes never heard again
Say things I’ve never said
Travel to every end of the earth
Swim every river
See every sight
destined for greatness
just watch me take flight

Feb 8, 2012

The Dream Realized

0 mga kritiko
Life, that fragile essence
Lay enclosed by pale blue orb
Shielded from rolling tempest
On the Universe’s shore
A cradle of our race
So the futurists claim
One day sending forth
Humanity, as rain
Earth your lovely hills
Forests green and fair
Stand stark in contrast
To darkness’s deep lair
For beyond our home there lurk
Things from troubled dreams
Distant echoes from ancient realms
Chaos, Gods and demons
That is where our fear comes
Fear of the unknown
Until we voyage out and claim
The Cosmos as our own