Jun 28, 2013


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What is perfect?

I have no clue.

Why be perfect?

It's completely untrue.

You live a lie and try and try.

All that's left is a sigh.

It's not me and that's for sure.

I don't want to be perfect anymore.

Being perfect doesn't exist.

I'd rather just get by.

Jun 14, 2013

Kapayapaan ang kasagutan

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Hindi ko kailangan ng iyong digmaan
Hindi ko nais ang baluktot mong katwiran
Kapag sinunod ko ang sangkatauhan
Lalaganap sa tuwina ang hidwaan.

Sa tuwina ako`y iyong tau-tauhan
Ginagawa ang lahat ng iyong kagustuhan
Ngunit dala ng panahon ako ay nag-iba
Marunong nang lumaba`t di mo na maaangkin pa.

Sa tuwina ako`y ginagambala
Ginagawang mali ang alam kong tama
Kaya ngayon ika`y iiwasan
Hakbang kong gagawi`y dikta ng aking isipan.

Karahasan, kaguluhan, kasamaan
Likha ka ng taong may maruming kalooban
Hindi ang tulad mo ang siyang kasagutan
Kundi ang pagpapalaganap ng  kapayapaan.

Jun 12, 2013

Our World is Hell

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Our world is not finished yet,
It is merely a furnace that burns as hot as Hell,
And one day it may forge a place where we can call home,
A place where we feel welcome.

The fire of our world burns and destroys all.
Everything is reduced to equilibrium,
When it should be raised to a new state of balance.

The scraps at the bottom of the pile are thrown in with the beautiful.
They burn together and become one.
That is where we are now. Burning together.

One day the fires will stop
And we will be molded into something beautiful,
Something great, something worth taking a second look at.

Jun 9, 2013

Walang mang-aalipin

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Oo, ako`y Pilipino...
na pilit sinasakop ng iba`t ibang dayuhan
ngunit kahit anong lakas ng kanilang kapangyarihan
nangingibabaw pa rin ang diwang makabayan.

Oo, ako`y Pilipino...
nilalason ang aking isipan ng ibang bayan
at isinisiksik ang kulturang dayuhan
subalit likas akong mapagmahal sa sariling yaman.

Oo, ako`y Pilipino...
na biktima ng pang-aapi at panggagahaman
 ngunit lahat ng ito`y kaya kong labanan
lalo na kung ang nakataya ay ang karangalan.

Oo, ako`y Pilipino...
na sa mga bagay na nagaganap sa aking kapaligiran
laging bukas ang aking puso`t isapan
at hindi magpapaalipin magpakailanman.

Jun 2, 2013


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All the time you see on TV commercials for Lotto, you can see people who seem happy having their dream vacation in a place that probably I need a day to point it on the map because it is a destination that I never dream to reach-that’s way it is called dream vacation. You see them driving a very expensive car, having parties....and you think what you would do if you've won the big pot?

The days that we are living everything has a price, you think about “the girl’s best friend” equal diamond for the one that don’t know-I just heard it myself into a movie-I thought that a best friend is a human being, at least a pet. Can anybody explain it to me how a cold rock can replace somebody who listen to you, give you advices, hold you....? In my culture it is a saying:” Money cannot bring happiness but they can sustain it”...now I can see it, you can sell your diamond for money so you can afford to pay your bills and food for a month...aha. I don’t say you don’t need a house, a home for your kids, but for the mediocre people that thing does not come with a little bit of pain like savings.

A lot of kids forget about the people who helped them in the past and when they grow up they think that everything is for them. I called them spoiled brats or people without common sense. There are parents out there who cannot afford the daily bread because they don’t have an income. But fortunately enough there are people who give, who don’t forget and they are not doing that because they are afraid that they are not going to Heaven, what is Heaven anyway? It is there? For me heaven is my conscience, the way I was raised by my parents and grandma.

You cannot take everything for granted, there are people who don’t have money but they have more than that – a soul, common sense – and I think that is a fortune in our days.  Fortune is when you are not alone, having somebody next to you who listen to you: your parents, husband, brother, friend, teacher. Education is a big fortune too, sometimes parents seems boring when they tell you to go to school, to learn. You never know what life is going to bring to your doorstep, if you learn how to manage yourself, learn a foreign language, learn the basic things like math, to read and write, how to write a letter, how to have a conversation with somebody, all of this will be handy when you’ll have to face your everyday life. What I try to say is to try to enrich yourself, your soul by appreciating the people around you, by having hobbies that fulfil your mind and heart with happiness.

 Who you will become as a person is your fortune in life, not the titles will make you who you are. Titles can be gained, but don’t forget that behind all that it is the personality who gained them. It is the everyday life “human” in the first place. You can leave a finger print by just being you. Every people are rich if they can appreciate what they have: the parents, the family and what they learn.