Dec 29, 2011

This Year

4 mga kritiko
This week has been a hard one, infact this month has been so long.
The year while passing quickly has had me do so much wrong.
Weird thing is, while the soul searching has come to no conclusions
I have overcome many weaknessess and so many delusions.
I have learned the past will remain as such, which no-one can debate
Looking for answers to plan your future leaving nothing to fate
Wrong or right who can tell until each mistake is made
Learning from the years that pass until your soul is laid.

Dec 19, 2011

Sa Ating Paghakbang

9 mga kritiko
Huwag kang maglakad sa unahan ko
At baka hindi ako makasunod sa iyo
Dahil maaaring ang mata ko ay mapako
Sa hiyas na ang kinang ay isa lang balatkayo

Huwag kang maglakad sa likuran ko
At baka hindi ko kaya ang pamumuno
Maaaring sa una kong pagkakamali
Maputol ang ugnayang sa ati'y nagtatali

Kung maaari'y magtabi tayo sa paglalakad
Na sa magkaibiga'y talagang ito ang hangad
Ibig kong sabay nating abutin ang pinapangarap
Nakakubli man ito sa likod ng ulap

Sa pagsabay ng lakad ko sa iyong hakbang
Lalo namang lumalago ang ating pagkakaibigan
Iba't ibang unos man ang sa buhay ay dumaan
Dahil magkasama tayo tiyak itong malalagpasan

Dec 16, 2011

Happy 86th International Founding Anniversary ALPHA PHI OMEGA!

5 mga kritiko
Hail to the 86th glorious years of ALPHA PHI OMEGA more than 8 decades of EXCELLENCE in LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE...

"86 years of genuine service to humanity. APO cares, APO shares..."

LEADERSHIP beyond years...
FRIENDSHIP beyond horizons...
SERVICE beyond race...

Strong the circle we, may we always be...

Happy 86th International Founding Anniversary to all my Brods and Sis, mwah! :D

Dec 14, 2011

The Gift of Silence

3 mga kritiko
And I sit away by myself
No one within my presence
But the peace I do enjoy
Because of the silence.
Silence is not met much
For human greed is high
But let us all take a moment and relax
And appreciate the gift of silence.

Dec 13, 2011

Wish I Knew You

2 mga kritiko
Wish I knew you, saw you standing, in the distance, unaware

Look on us all, so calm and cool, no disturbance, over there

Model of vain, clothes and beauty, perfect posture, all within

Wish I knew you, wish you were real, keep on wishing, mannequin

Dec 10, 2011


19 mga kritiko
Think what you want,
I really don't care
There's a time and a place,
but that's far from here.
Because as we grow up,
things start to change
Like a baby's sippy cup
or a singer's range.
It's out of our control,
this life we live
So go with it and enjoy
all that it gives.
Have no regrets,
live for today,
embrace tomorrow,
but don't lose where you've been.
That's one thing i know
with my young age to show,
time passes by
and makes many cry.
The past is over,
but it lives on forever
within you and me
As memories intertwined
with their souls combined
and fates in line
to be what they'll be
or burn forever
like the third degree.
It may not be pretty,
but it's one hell of a ride,
so sit back, relax, and enjoy your life.

Dec 8, 2011

How The World Works

11 mga kritiko
It's funny how the world works.
All the religions, the reactions, the nature of someone.
If it is hot, you want to be cold.
If you are cold, you want to be warm.
If you don't talk, act, or look their way, they shun you.
If you are shunned, you immediately think of changing.
You wish to be famous and fortunous.
Fame and fortune may wish to be like you.
People believe in God, Buddha, Allah, and so on.
But have any ever wondered just how it is possible they may exist.
How can any of these guys create an entire universe?
Or come down and talk to people and then never be seen ever again?
Has anyone ever thought of possibilities of how the starts really came to be, or if the moon was always there?
What about the sun and how it is so hot, you would turn to ash?
What about the solar system?
How could all of these planets, moons, stars have come to be?
If somebody asks someone if they want to go out, what is their reaction.
It could be a blunt no. An apologetic no. Even a yes out of either kindness, or feelings shared.
Answers as these would identiy who that one person is.
A blunt no, the person does not care what anyone thinks.
An apologetic no, they want those around to think of them as a nice one.
A yes out of kindness, because no way they can say no because they don't hurt feelings.
Yes, I want to go out because I like you too.
Does all of this depend on how they were brought up, or where they were raised.
Does dying ever really mean death.
Some believe in reincarnation. Other believe in heavan and hell, and so on.
What if when you die, the next minute someone if born, it's you.
They so day, every minute someone dies, someone is born.
Heavan and Hell.
Those who have been good in life, go to the paradise their God has decided they earned.
Or the fiery depths of torture, for being bad.
Things we believe in and have never really thought about will always remain true secrets.
The world is full of secrets.
Every thing, from existent things to beliefs have their secrets.
Humans have their secrets.
The world, if just full of secrets.
But think too much, you may go insane.
It's funny how the world works.

Dec 7, 2011


5 mga kritiko
Tomorow is far away
My legs truckled to gravitation
With all women I want to play
And punish darkness on the plantations
Filled with dizziness hurting my head
Complaint´s sweat is peering in the future tray
But the feeling of the previous enjoyment
Is all about the life´s sled
The sense of quality or tasty sauce
Is spreading all over my body
Joy of capturing the night´s gloss
Is hunting my liver into underground caddy
Directions are switching in front of my eyes
I am capable to shoot my way home
Or somewhere else it also would be nice
My head is one lifetime surrounding poem.

Dec 4, 2011

Poetry Keeps Me Alive

10 mga kritiko
Poetry keeps me alive
Feelings cannot be kept inside
There is no better way
To get out emotionally what you are to say
With poetry I describe how I feel
Every word that I write is real
And the beauty of the way I write
Teaches me to feel emotion despite
The world that is filled with sin
That effects me yet I heal with a pen

Dec 2, 2011

The Lady And The Moon

4 mga kritiko
So familiar, have I seen her before,
the eye in the sky, she captivates.
Embracing Gods reflection every night,
just for darkness, she waits.

In darkness she stands out bright,
and in light shes on the other side.
A new shape every night she takes,
to then suddenly disappear one night.

She holds up like a mirror in the sky,
reminding me of my body and my mind.
So far away, yet I feel her breathing,
just as though I would, when combined.

Up and down as though for eternity,
Working her way through the logical.
She holds the secrets of the tides,
secrets of murder with a gilded sickle.

Systematically drifting over every terrain,
reproducing dates and facts and figures.
Part of her body has never seen the light,
left for imagination, soft as whispers.