Nov 8, 2012

19 shades of gray

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Trickle down like rain,
The itsy bitsy spider strikes by day.
A constant shot to the brain,
It's time to end your reign.
Your body radiates lust,
A succubus you cannot trust!
Leaving me only the crusts.
With one hand on my heart and the other lodged at my crotch,
I refuse to indulge your touch.
For you are but dust.
I know of you, but I do not know you,
And those late-night booty-calls I recall,
Are as long-distant to me as your definition of love.
And for every shade of gray,
I pray you never see the light of day,
for taking advantage of me since that month of May,
I refuse to let you have your way!
Only when you feel emotion again,
When your tears shed like rain,
Like they did before that month of May.
Only then will I see you as a person.
And be able to open my ears again to that sensual whisper,
And be the person that I loved,
Under the covers we'll make love.
But until then only touch me through a glove,
Face your demons, and flourish once again,

My beautiful flower of May.