Jan 4, 2012

2012 The Gift

As twenty eleven is boxed and shelved,
we prepare to unwrap two thousand and twelve.
Already predicting what we might or might not get,
knowing all to well that its never what we expect.
No refunds or exchanges, this offering must be kept
the only choice is simply to graciously accept.
Curiously we conjure up situations and solutions
justifying our presumptions with pacts and resolutions.
Waiting for the hand to strike. It's almost twelve o clock,
So we can take a peek inside this never ending box.
Finally it's time to tear off sticky tape and wrapping.
Reaching into possibilities, entangled and overlapping.
This ever changing gift, valid for one year,
the only rule included, is just hang on and steer.
Hopeful that my journey is packed with adventure and surprise,
And that all my thoughts and emotions can all be realised.
I'll leave you to unwrap your gift, to see what it will bring.
My advice? Be prepared for anything and almost everything.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

happy new year na lang sa lahat.....

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