Mar 7, 2012


Ignorance; Your impaired cogitation
and your subsequential postulation
Subjecting me to verbal suppuration.
I was not looking for veneration,
You give a marked impersonation
of a fool. Full marks for profligation.

6 mga kritiko:

Mara Feliz said...

Did you write all these poems? These are really gooood..

McRICH said...

thesaurus, di ko na-gets sori :)

Vintot said...

I made these poems up my self. Thanks for droppin' by. :D

Vintot said...

Hehe ganun ba bro. :D

Mitch said...

I wonder where do you get all your thoughts from writing such..

Vintot said...

I write these piece based on my own experienced, reading books, movies, basta kung anong mapagtripan go lang. lol thanks for dropping by. ;-)

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