Nov 20, 2011

World Ends

I was born in this hell
where the flames burn bright
now I'm feeling unwell
and something isn't right,
down through the Earth
it seems I fell if
I'm awake or asleep
The ocean is rising now
cities will crumble
it's not so surprising
that I'm starting to fumble.
I'm getting queasy
I know that I'm sick
things are freezing
I've got to move quick.
The world is ending
and my friends are all gone
reality is bending
I can't hold on.
Everything is fading
now and everyone is dying
it's something that I can't allow
but no one else is trying.
Everyday there is more trouble
so we push our way
through the rubble
we all keep trying to continue
but what does life really mean to you.

2 mga kritiko:

Hiyono said...

...what a nightmare! I like how the words sound fit altogether. Haha. Rhyming rocks.

Vin said...

Hiyono, thanks for droppin by :D

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