Jul 1, 2011

All Hearts

The hurt that I thought had left me
that I'd weft in the fabric of progress.

Is bleeding through un-tangled reeds
and binding old blood with new life.

That dissolves the crumpled sheets of guilt.
I've folded in the creases of my heart.

I'm happy as I tarry
in the last of my pain.

I feel full to the brim.
The night soaks through the film

of my understanding
allowing me too to shine.

It's a new life that scrapes
under every measure.

I ever set, and is stronger for it.
I spoke to the trees and thanked the stars tonight.

Why I thanked them. I don't know.

Why thank them?

Because they remind me I'm
as alive as anything that ever

Dedicated to Erika

2 mga kritiko:

Pepe said...

sinong Erika ito, sa daimos? hehehe

nice Vin.

Vin said...

di yun.haha blogista din si erika nag pasuyo lang siya ng poem. :D

thanks bro.

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