Dec 2, 2011

The Lady And The Moon

So familiar, have I seen her before,
the eye in the sky, she captivates.
Embracing Gods reflection every night,
just for darkness, she waits.

In darkness she stands out bright,
and in light shes on the other side.
A new shape every night she takes,
to then suddenly disappear one night.

She holds up like a mirror in the sky,
reminding me of my body and my mind.
So far away, yet I feel her breathing,
just as though I would, when combined.

Up and down as though for eternity,
Working her way through the logical.
She holds the secrets of the tides,
secrets of murder with a gilded sickle.

Systematically drifting over every terrain,
reproducing dates and facts and figures.
Part of her body has never seen the light,
left for imagination, soft as whispers.

4 mga kritiko:

Hiyono said...

There's not an entry here that I didn't wow to. Seriously man, your posts are amazing. I love the moon. And if ever I got it right that you're comparing a lady to a moon - might I say, what a lucky woman she is.

Vin said...

anong entry naman yun ma'am?wahehe

hmm pano ko ba patungkol ito sa babae na sa gabi lang buhay marahil alam mo na yun.wahehe.

wala naman mali sa pagbibigay kahulugan ng tula iba iba naman tayo ng anggulo ng pagtingin sa mga bagay bagay. :D

Ahm kung di mo masyado magets yung tagalog ko mag iingles ako sabihin mo lang. Di kasi ako nag iingles kung alam kong marunong umintindi ng tagalog.hehe

Salamat sa pagbisita. :D

Hiyono said...

Masarap naman bumisita. Ok lang ako sa tagalog o sa ingles. :D Keep up the good work, Vin! You have a fan here~

Vin said...

mabuti kung ganun.hehe fan agad?hehe salamat. :D

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