Dec 8, 2011

How The World Works

It's funny how the world works.
All the religions, the reactions, the nature of someone.
If it is hot, you want to be cold.
If you are cold, you want to be warm.
If you don't talk, act, or look their way, they shun you.
If you are shunned, you immediately think of changing.
You wish to be famous and fortunous.
Fame and fortune may wish to be like you.
People believe in God, Buddha, Allah, and so on.
But have any ever wondered just how it is possible they may exist.
How can any of these guys create an entire universe?
Or come down and talk to people and then never be seen ever again?
Has anyone ever thought of possibilities of how the starts really came to be, or if the moon was always there?
What about the sun and how it is so hot, you would turn to ash?
What about the solar system?
How could all of these planets, moons, stars have come to be?
If somebody asks someone if they want to go out, what is their reaction.
It could be a blunt no. An apologetic no. Even a yes out of either kindness, or feelings shared.
Answers as these would identiy who that one person is.
A blunt no, the person does not care what anyone thinks.
An apologetic no, they want those around to think of them as a nice one.
A yes out of kindness, because no way they can say no because they don't hurt feelings.
Yes, I want to go out because I like you too.
Does all of this depend on how they were brought up, or where they were raised.
Does dying ever really mean death.
Some believe in reincarnation. Other believe in heavan and hell, and so on.
What if when you die, the next minute someone if born, it's you.
They so day, every minute someone dies, someone is born.
Heavan and Hell.
Those who have been good in life, go to the paradise their God has decided they earned.
Or the fiery depths of torture, for being bad.
Things we believe in and have never really thought about will always remain true secrets.
The world is full of secrets.
Every thing, from existent things to beliefs have their secrets.
Humans have their secrets.
The world, if just full of secrets.
But think too much, you may go insane.
It's funny how the world works.

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Anonymous said...

day and night

black and white.... hehe!

arnia said...


palakanton said...

galing, Naalala ko un tropa ko dati ng nagbabanda forgiveness denied un nme ng band nila, like the story of the poem! parang sarcastic pero malupet!

Anonymous said...

Naniniwala ako na walang langit at impiyerno, yung sinasabi nilang langit at impiyerno ay view natin sa totoong buhay habang nabubuhay pa tayo nasa atin iyon kung paano tayo mabuhay sa sarili nating paraan kung makakasakit ka ba o pupunuin mo ito ng pagmamahal. Yung kamatayan naman para sa akin ay pag na dedbol ka parang makikita mo yung "preview" ng nakaraan maalala mo yung mga bagay-bagay, tapos dun mo malalaman kung anu ang ibig sabihin ng lahat ng lahat ng yon' malalaman mo kung bakit ka ba nabuhay, basta' para sa akin pag na ded-bol tayo malalaman natin yung mga sagot sa maraming mga tanong.

tim said...

Really yeah, the world is the most chaotic yet the most wonderful place to live in. It's an insanely sane matter..

Vintot said...


yup yup.




May youtube video ba sila? Salamat.


Yup tama ka bro maraming "bakit" na hangang ngayon di pa din mabigyan ng kasagutan may mga bagay talaga na mahirap paniwalaan.


Yup you're right. Although the world is full of
suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.

keep in touch with fashion said...

great post!!! passes to see my blog!!

Traveliztera said...

So many questions about life... Thinking about them can really make you go insane, especially with all the contradictions of the different beliefs... However, thinking simply and accepting things with faith can keep you going ... and can I just say, I LOVE YOUR POST!? :D Deep! :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice post.....ganun ba...salamat sa sinabi mo.....ang admin siguro ng flag counter ang may gawa..

Vintot said...


thanks. :D


salamat salamat salamat nawa`y napukaw ko atenyon mo lol :D


walang problema kaibigan ingat ingat ka lang sa mga link mga back figther mga yun eh lol

Joellen said...

This is so beautiful! Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch, I love finding new blogs! xoxo

Salamat! hehe ;)

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