Sep 13, 2013

God of War

Horsemen of doom roll.
Over bodies that are cold.
Blood fills the fields.
Warfare has had its fill.
God’s feast is over, for now.

This I vow.
War is forever in my soul.
War makes the man.
Death takes the man.

Keep them coming.
Casualties of greatness.
If you’re not a warrior, you’re a carcass.
Pikes penetrate skulls.
Its upside down now, the world.

Taste this love.
Named war.
It shall reign powerful forevermore.
God’s smile is upon WAR!
Gruesome God, I’m calling to you.
Let’s pull the trigger, send the bullet through!

War is forever in my soul.
My God is in control.
War makes the man.
Death takes him.
This is life, be a warrior.

Not a carcass.

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Reilly Reverie said...

Such a power creation... Inspirational and encouraging..

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