Sep 13, 2013

write, write WRITE!

Go with the flow, let all emotions show, write until your heart rips out, then write about that very fate. Tell every story a million times from a different point of view, say I hate this but I love you, twist it around, that's what to do. A million words with infinite ways to say them. A million bodies with infinite ways to slay them, infinite ways to bury them. Pile them all up, or one at a time. It doesn't matter because these words are mine. I've said this before and I'm saying it again. If you have a problem, take it up with me. If you don't, write your own poems and be free. Say what you want, don't say what they want to hear. If they want you to be far, make sure you're near. Show no fear and write what the fuck you want. Write it again, again, again! Do it until you bleed, and do it some more, tell of the event. YOU'RE NOT A POETWHORE! Write, write, write, do it every day and every night. Write about the past, present and things to come. Write about the dreams and the barrel of that gun, but for fuck's sake - tell the truth. We don't want to know about how we're supposed to grow out of youth. We want to hear what you want to say. I wouldn't want it any other way! We don't want to know about the faeries that don't exist, we want to know the demons of your mind, the ones that'll rape you, every time you'll find - that they taunt you, they tease you and rape you some more. Beat you some extra, just to make sure. We want to know the truth and the bloodied battles fought. Fuck the lies, that's what the media's for! Fuck what they say, it's your poem, not theirs. If they want you to fall, you climb the stairs. If they want you to write about happiness, tell them that's not what you feel, and show them what the fuck is real! Write about the anger, that flows through your veins. We don't want to know how many cells are in your brain. Fuck trigonometry, angles and calculus, I'll tell you what - I'll bring up some mucus. Sorry - technical term for spitting in your face. Our poetry should put you in your place. Write, write, write - but do it for YOURSELF. FUCK EVERYONE ELSE! It's your poetry, you're the one that matters. If they ask for a china plate, give them a silver platter. Do everything your way, then they can't say it's not right, stand up and with words, you can fight! Lose yourself in the moment, let the words fly around your head. There's a million ways to express your want to be dead. Be original, BE YOURSELF! If they think it's crap, then that's what they think. Only you can judge whether it's good or it stinks. If it's fucked, never let it go. A lost poem is just like boiling snow. We don't care, we don't give a shit, fight with your words FIGHT FOR IT!

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Pala kanton said...

agree with this sir! fuck what they think. it is us who make the decision....

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