Jun 6, 2011

Epic of Love

Remember when we first met
Remember how much I sweat
But we had a good date.
But I wouldn't say it was great.

And you looked like a goddess.
And you're always so modest.
You're skin looks so good.
Just like an angels should.

And we went out some more.
Maybe three dates or four.
I thought we had something,
When I got you that new ring.

Then it all just fell apart.
I said something that broke your heart.
I don't really remember
What I said in December.

Why'd you go out with me at all?
Was it just because I was tall?
I thought you were precious.
You were so fuckin' precious.

But I'm a jerk.
I'm an asshole.
How the hell did even meet?
But I still fuckin' love you.

I saw you a few days ago.
I thought about saying hello.
That's when I saw your new boy.
I'm so glad of your new toy.

The only reason for dating him
Was because he worked at a gym.
Looked like he was made from stone 
Because all his muscles were shown.

He looks so artificial.
I bet he's superficial, too.
And I know this sounds sappy.
But I just want you to be happy.

Hope your thoughts aren't of me.
And I know you would agree.
Don't read the paper tomorrow
Or you may feel some sorrow.

Just know I didn't feel a thing.
It all stopped after our fling.
I felt no emotions.
When I drowned in the ocean.

Yes, you'll live a good life.
And you'll make a great wife.
Your husbands no cheater.
But he is a wife beater.

And you managed to forget
The first time that we met.
After you moved to Manila
He beat you into a coma.

I saw you in the Kingdom of God.
Then you said something odd.
It was abnormal because
You asked Him where I was.

As it turns out to be
You always thought about me
Even with your own husband
Even when he gave you a back hand.

But none of it matters anymore.
'Cause you spread your wings and soared.
And now your an angel.
My beautiful angel.

11 mga kritiko:

Keatondrunk said...

wow mixed emotion to! ang galing..

Anonymous said...

hmm nice :)

empi said...

ano yon? naging kayo ulit? Hehehe *tsismoso*

Anonymous said...

ang habang poem, pero parang nagkukuwento lang din.. nice

Akoni said...

tigokness siya?

Vin said...

haha hindi siya tigokness.pano ko ba sasabihin haha. ahm lol Istorya to ng naka flirt ko basta yun na yon baka kasi mabasa niya eh tikom bibig muna hahaha parang 1 night stand lang :)) salamat sa pag dalaw :D

kringles said...

naks.. inspired.. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww.. hmm.. I may be wrong ha.. hehe.. iba kasi ang nafeel ko. I think there's a hint of hostility towards the other guy. You said, that you didn't feel a thing and it stopped after your fling.. But the way you described the guy, parang medyo bitter pa nang konti. hihi.. SLIGHT lang.

And now, parang you felt a bit of pity towards the girl.. kasi she chose him over you, not even considering that the guy is very physical towards her. Parang in a way, eto ang sinasabi mo..

"You chose him. Desisyon mo yan.. panindigan mo. Nothing I can do about it na"..

I may be wrong... :)

Good evening.

Vin said...

@kringles hindi po binalikan ko lang ang masaklap na nakaraan haha :D

@Leah idol galing mo i-analyze mga poem ko kuha mo agad. hindi na ako ampala promis haha salamat sa pagkakalat dito :D

Eoz said...

great poem!! Galing po!

bloggingpuyat said...

nice poem. galing un mga rhymes :)

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